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Snow White: A Guide to Child-centered Musical Theatre

Author : Rickard-Lauri, P., Groeschel, H., Robbins, C., et al.

Snow White: A Guide to Child-centered Musical Theatre
ISBN : 9780962408069

A beautiful book providing everything needed to teach and direct a children's production of Snow WhiteĀ¾the story, play version, musical score, production notes, and compact disk. No parts or extra copies are needed! The story is a simplified adaptation of Grimm's fairy tale, presented with exquisite color ink drawings of actual children in performance. The story is accompanied by a glossary defining the more difficult words, and suggestions on how to present it to the children. The play is a script consisting of a narrative, dialogue, stage and lighting cues, and music directives. The score contains all the music in sequence. For those groups without a pianist, a CD is included with both voice and instrumental renditions of each song. The production notes provide a guide for how to use the play, suggestions for costume and set design, and a complete child-centered approach for preparing the children. Though originally developed for special children, this book can bring the joys of musical theatre to children of all ability levels. (1997, 172 pages; Paperback with CD)


The Story

The Play

Production Notes

              A Guide for Using the Play

              Costume Design

              Set Design

Preparing the Players

              The Stage

              Drama Exercises

              Movement/Dance Exercises

              Music Exercises

The Score

Compact Disk Bands

The Author's Story

Compact Disk