Psychodynamic Music Therapy: Case Studies

  • Psychodynamic Music Therapy: Case Studies
  • Author: Hadley, Susan
  • ISBN: 9781891278167
  • E-ISBN: 9781891278860

A collection of 21 case studies exemplifying psychodynamic music therapy, informed variously by the theories of Freud, Jung, Klein, Winnicott, Stern, Kohut, Mahler, Bion, and others. Experienced music therapists from nine countries describe their work with children, adolescents, and adults. Diverse methods are featured, including: improvisation, songs, music imaging, and music listening. The length of treatment ranges from a few sessions spread over a couple of months to weekly sessions spanning 6 years. One distinguishing feature of the book is the illumination of how transference, countertransference, resistance, and defenses are manifested in the musical relationship between therapist and client. Engagingly written, these case studies capture the depth and far-reaching possibilities of music therapy, thus demonstrating the importance of training in advanced techniques in music therapy. (2004, Paperback, 448 pages).



Table of Contents





Introduction: Psychodynamic Music Therapy:An Overview by Susan Hadley  
Part One Children  

Case 1: Couldn't Put Humpty Together Again:Symbolic Play with a Terminally Ill Child by Catherine Sweeney

Case 2: Being Beverly: Music Therapy with a Troubled Eight-Year-Old Girl by Helen M. Tyler

Case 3: Speaking without Talking: Fifty Analytical Music Therapy Sessions with a Boy with Selective Mutism by Wolfgang Mahns

Case 4: Melodic Song as Crying/Rhythmic Song as Laughing: A Case Study of Vocal Improvisation with an Autistic Child by Gianluigi de Franco

Case 5: Growing Up Alone: Analytical Music Therapy with Children of Parents Treated within a Drug and Substance Abuse Program by Juliane Kowski

Case 6: The Voice from the Cocoon: Song and Imagery in Treating Trauma in Children by Susan Bray Wesley

Case 7: Working with Jenny: Stories Gender, Power and Abuse by Penny J. Rogers

Case 8: The Healing Function of Improvised Songs in Music Therapy with a Child Survivor of Early Trauma and Sexual Abuse by Jacqueline Z. Robarts

Case 9: The Girl Who Barked: Object Relations Music Pyschotherapy with an Eleven- Year-Old Autistic Female by Janice M. Dvorkin and Misty D. Erlund








Part Two Adolescents  

Case10: Promise to Take Good Care of It!:Therapy with Ira by Viola Schoenfeld

Case 11: The Knight Inside the Armor:Music Therapy with a Deprived Teenager Simona Katz Nirensztein

Case 12: Music Speaks of a Story: The Vocal Universe of an Adolescent by Gabrielle Fruchard and Edith Lecourt



Part Three Adults  

Case 13: The Significance of Triadic Structures in Patients Undergoing Therapy for Psychosis in a Psychiatric Ward by Susanne Metzner

Case 14: The Case of Marianne: Repetition and Music Form in Psychosis by Jos De Backer and Jan Van Camp

Case 15: Protect This Child: Psychodynamic Music Therapy with a Gifted Musician by Louise Montello

Case 16: Through Music to Therapeutic Attachment: Psychodynamic Music Psychotherapy with a Musician with Dysthymic Disorder by Paul Nolan

Case 17: Meeting Rich: Individual Music Therapy with a Man who has Severe Disabilities by Rioa Rafieyan

Case 18: Harmony and Dissonance in Conflict: Psychoanalytically Informed Music Therapy with a Psychosomatic Patient  by Mechtild Jahn-Langenberg

Case 19: The Revival of the Frozen Sea Urchin: Music Therapy with a Psychiatric Patient by Inge Nygaard Pedersen

Case 20: Healing an Inflamed Body: The Bonny Method of GIM in Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis  by Denise Grocke

Case 21: A Woman's Change from being Nobody To Somebody: Music Therapy with a Middle-Aged, Speechless, and Self-Destructive Woman by Niels Hannibal