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Music Therapy for Premature and Newborn Infants

Author : Monika Nocker-Ribaupierre

Music Therapy for Premature and Newborn Infants
ISBN : 9781891278204
E-ISBN : 9781891278990

A comprehensive international collection of writings on music therapy with premature and newborn infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. The book includes different approaches to research and clinical practice, based on interdisciplinary knowledge and current research. The purpose is to show the benefits of music and music therapy as a supportive intervention for hospitalized infants and their parents, by addressing the short- and long-term development of the infant, infant-parent relationships and bonding, and the infant’s unfolding ability to communicate. Part One deals with basic theores: the treatment concept, NIDCAP, with its focus on the infant’s development and the significance of the auditory system; current research on auditive development; a recent study on attachment formation; the psychoanalytical view of the mother’s voice from the onset of prenatal life; and the possibilities of music for regulation and synchronization within relationships. Part Two presents: an overview of individual music therapy approaches in research and clinical practice; qualitative and quantitatve research with functional and psychotherapeutic aspects using a wide range of musics and musical elements. Each chapter contains research as well as clinical practice and experience.The final chapters provide practical advice for implementing music therapy in NICU’s. At the end, there is a comprehensive bibliography covering medicine, developmental psychology, psychoanalysis, bonding research, and music therapy. (2004; Paperback, 226 pages, $28)



Table of Contents

Front Matter

Part One: The Basics

Chapter 1: Christine B. Fischer and Heidelise Als
Trusting Behavioral Communication
Chapter 2: Kenneth J. Gerhardt and Robert M. Abrams
Fetal Hearing: Implications for the Neonate
Chapter 3: Tina Gutbrod and Dieter Wolke
Attachment Formation in Very Premature Infants: A New Generation
Chapter 4: Suzanne Maiello
On the Meaning of Prenatal Auditory Perception and Memory For the Development of the Mind: A Psychoanalytic Perspective
Chapter 5: Gisela M. Lenz and Dorothee von Moreau:
Coming Together Resonance and Synchronization as a Regulating Factor in Relationships
Part Two: Research and Clinical Practice  
Chapter 6: Fred J. Schwartz
Medical Music Therapy for the Premature BabyResearch Review
Chapter 7: Monika Nocker-Ribaupierre
The Mothers Voice: A Bridge Between Two Worlds
Chapter 8: Marie-Luise Zimmer
Premature Babies Have Premature Mothers: Practical Experiences with Premature Infants and Their Mothers
Using Auditive Stimulation With the Mothers Voice
Chapter 9: Elisabeth Dardart
Life in Neonatal Careor the Situation of the Premature Baby
Chapter 10: Helen Shoemark
Family-Centered Music Therapy for Infants With Complex Medical and Surgical Needs
Chapter 11: Joanne V. Loewy
A Clinical Model of Music Therapy in the NICU
Chapter 12: Deanna Hanson Abromeit
A Resource Guide for Establishing a Neonatal Music Therapy Program
Bibliography 191