Music and Life in the Field of Play: An Anthology

  • Music and Life in the Field of Play: An Anthology
  • Author: Kenny, Carolyn
  • ISBN: 9781891278396
  • E-ISBN: 9781891278778

An anthology of selected writings and presentations by Carolyn Kenny from 1979 to 2006. This volume includes two books, The Mythic Artery and The Field of Play; articles from journals about Music Therapy and Indigenous Studies, chapters in books on Music Therapy; and previously unpublished papers and case study. The anthology is organized into five distinct parts: the mythic journey, field theory for Music Therapy, being Native, practice, and ecological Music Therapy. Each part is introduced by an autobiographical narrative describing the context for sections. A detailed introduction provides the overall context and describes important influences in Kenny’s thinking over time. A preface by Kenneth Aigen describes Kenny’s role in the development of Music Therapy over the last thirty years. This volume clearly reveals, perhaps for the first time, the important interplay between Kenny’s lifelong work in Music Therapy and her parallel work in Indigenous Studies. It also integrates many disciplines that both influence and are influenced by Music Therapy education, practice, and research. (2006; 250 pages, Paperback).







A Mythic Journey -- Part One

              Introduction to Part One

              Chapter 1:  The Death-Rebirth Myth as the Healing Agent in Music

              Chapter 2:  The Mythic Artery

                      Kenny The Mythic Artery Part I

                      Kenny The Mythic Artery Part II

                      Kenny The Mythic Artery Part III    

   Chapter 3:  Music and Spirit:  Acknowledging the Greater Reality

              Chapter 4:  The Magic of Music Therapy

   Chapter 5:  The Essence of Music and Therapy – The New York Paper

Field Theory for Music Therapy -- Part Two

              Introduction to Part Two

            Chapter 6:  Music:  A Whole Systems Approach

 Chapter 7:  The Field of Play

 Chapter 8:  The Dilemma of Uniqueness

 Chapter 9:  Beyond this Point There Be Dragons

 Chapter 10:  Setting the Stage

Being Native -- Part Three

              Introduction to Part Three

              Chapter 11:  Blue Wolf Says Goodbye for the Last Time

              Chapter 12:  The Sense of Art

   Chapter 13:  A Sense of Art:  A First Nations View

              Chapter 14:  Keeping the World in Balance

              Chapter 15:  The Sense of Art:  A Rainforest of Strength

              Chapter 16:  Beautifying the World

The Integration:  Education, Practice, Research -- Part Four

              Introduction to Part Four

              Chapter 17:  Embracing Complexity

              Chapter 18:  Phenomenological Research:  A Promise for the Healing Arts

              Chapter 19:  The Story of the Field of Play

              Chapter 20:  Cultural Influences on Music Therapy Training

              Chapter 21:  They Didn’t Know Because They Never Asked

              Chapter 22:  The Use of Musical Space with an Adult in Psychotherapy

              Chapter 23:  Journey of the Little One

              Chapter 24:  Our Legacy:  Work and Play

Ecological Music Therapy --  Part Five

              Introduction to Part Five

              Chapter 25:  The Earth is Our Mother

              Chapter 26:  A Song of Peace:  Dare We to Dream?