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E-book FAQs

If this is your first purchase of an e-book, please read these guidelines before you try to download your purchase.

Should I buy E-pub or Mobi?

E-pubs can be used on PCs, MACs, iPads, ibooks, Google Book, Nook, Sony Reader, Bebook, and most other readers except for the Kindle. Mobi or PRC formats can be used on PCs, MACs, and Kindles. Here is a link that gives instructions on how to download ebooks on various e-readers: http://ebooksbridge.com/www/ebb/index.php?main_page=page&id=23

How do I download and open an E-Pub or Mobi?

Download the necessary software before you try to download or open your ebook. The software is free. To open e-pubs, you must download “Adobe Digital Editions” (not any other Adobe product)

To open mobi or prc files, you must download the appropriate Kindle app.

Download the e-book to your computer first, then transfer to the reading device. If you can’t find the epub in your files after downloading, look in your “Download” folder.

Why Can’t I Access the Audio or Video Files Embedded?

Audio or video files embedded in an epub or mobi cannot be accessed on a computer (PC or MAC), and they can only be accessed on certain reading devices. Check whether your reading device can access audio and video files, and any limits in file size. Most e-pub readers can handle large files, but Kindles cannot. In some cases, it is more convenient to buy an e-pub or pdf that provides links to a server, where you can click a link in the text that takes you to the server where the audio and video files can be accessed.

Still Having Trouble?

If you are still having trouble, send an email describing the exact problem to: sales@barcelonapublishers.com