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Music Therapy in Special Education
Second edition of a classic in the field, this book offers practical guidelines for how to use songs..
Music Therapy in the Treatment of Adults with Mental Disorders: Theoretical Bases and Clinical Interventions
This book provides the foundation for clinical practice in psychiatry, while also offering models an..
Music Therapy Research: Third Edition
A greatly expanded, updated, and detailed description of objectivist and interpretivist research in ..
Music Therapy Supervision
The first book in the field to provide a comprehensive examination of the many levels and facets of ..
Music Therapy: A Fieldwork Primer (2nd Edition)
Writing from over 35 years of experience as a music therapy clinician and educator, the author has p..
Music Therapy: A Perspective from the Humanities
In this book, Even Ruud argues for the value of humanities as a basis for the theory and practice of..
Music Therapy: Death and Grief
Music Therapy in Death and Grief consists of ten chapters. Seven chapters provide description and an..
Music Therapy: Group Vignettes
This is the first of its kind, and a book that will be welcomed by professionals and students alike...
Music Therapy: Improvisation, Communication, and Culture
An evocative series of essays designed to expand existing concepts of music therapy theory, practice..
Music, Motion, and Emotion: The Developmental-Integrative Model in Music Therapy
Professor Shiloah of Hebrew University describes this unique model of music therapy as a "synthesis ..
Music, Therapy, and Early Childhood
A comprehensive guide to music therapy with young children, providing a detailed examination of deve..
Music-Centered Music Therapy
Music-Centered Music Therapy is an ambitious and long-awaited text that sets out the basic practices..
Music—The Therapeutic Edge: Readings from William W. Sears
Long overdue is a revision of William Sears Processes in Music Therapy, Chapter Two of E. Thayer Gas..
Notes on the Practice of Guided Imagery and Music
Based on the author’s manuals for training GIM practitioners, this book offers detailed strategies f..
Paths of Development in Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy
PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE: When the print version of this book purchased on the Barcelona website,..