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Creating Music Cultures in the Schools: A Perspective from Community Music Therapy
This book focuses on the powerful influence music programs can have on well-being and connectedness ..
Creative Music Therapy: A Guide to Fostering Clinical Musicianship - Second Edition (4 CDs)
PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE: 1) The audio and video files in an epub version of this book are n..
Culture-Centered Music Therapy
Humans cannot escape culture. Culture provides the tools humans need to deal with the challenges of ..
Definiendo La Musicoterapia: Tercera Edición
Traducido por Asun Henares. Esta edición es la culminación de un proyecto de 25 años  concentra..
Definindo Musicoterapia: Terceira Edição
div.info { font-size: 1.2em; margin-top: 15px; color: #670000; padding: 10px; border-..
Defining Music Therapy (3rd Edition)
The third edition of this book is the culmination of a 25 year project aimed at conceptualizing musi..
Developments in Music Therapy Practice: Case Study Perspectives
This book presents 34 case studies from music therapists around the world. These studies represent p..
Dimensiones Espirituales de la Imaginación Guiada con Música (GIM)
Como su creador Helen Bonny lo concibió, la Imaginación Guiada con Música (GIM) es una forma poderos..
Discography of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Programs
Each discography follows the same general outline. First, the original program is presented as desig..
Early Theoretical Writings
Early Theoretical Writings on Music Therapy: 1950-1961 (American Music Therapy Association [AMTA]). ..
Elaborations Toward a Notion of Community Music Therapy
This book is an edited version of Brynjulf Stige’s doctoral dissertation from 2003 with a new forewo..
Emotional Processes in Music Therapy
Emotions are an essential aspect of human nature and play a central role in interpersonal relationsh..
Essays on Analytical Music Therapy
This book brings together the major writings of Mary Priestley on Analytical Music Therapy a psychod..
Evaluating Electronic Music Technology Resources for Music Therapy
This manual provides music therapy students, interns, clinicians, educators, and clinical trainers w..
Experiencing Race as a Music Therapist: Personal Narratives
Experiencing Race as a Music Therapist: Personal Narratives is a compilation of critically engagin..