Case Studies in Music Therapy

  • Case Studies in Music Therapy
  • Author: Bruscia, Kenneth E.
  • ISBN: 9780962408014
  • E-ISBN: 9781891278600

This book presents 42 case histories, each describing the process of music therapy from beginning to end. The cases include children, adolescents, and adults receiving individual and group therapy in psychiatric, medical, educational or community settings. With authors from nine countries, the book details a broad spectrum of approaches and techniques in music therapy. It can be used as a reference, a textbook for training students, or as an introduction to the field. The essence of music therapy is captured, not in the single voice of one therapist but in a resounding chorus of many. It does this by telling the moving stories of people from around the world who have been helped through music therapy and the relationships developed with these exceptional music therapists. (1991; ISBN 0-9624080-1-8; Paperback, 660 pages $40).

Acknowledgements v
Dedication vii
Preface ix
Unit One: Introduction  
The Fundamentals of Music Therapy Practice By Kenneth E. Brusica 3
Unit Two: Case Studies with Children  
1. Like Singing With A Bird: Improvisational Music Therapy With A Blind Four-Year-Old By Jo Salas and David Gonzalez 17
2. The Use of Piano Improvisation In Developing Interaction And Participation In a Blind Boy with Behavioral Disturbances By Helen Shoemark 29
3. Music Therapy For A Girl With Rett's Syndrome: Balancing Structure and Freedom By Tony Wigram 39
4. Self-Communications In Creative Music Therapy By Carol Robbins and Clive Robbins 55
5. Off-Beat Music Therapy: By Edith Lecourt 73
6. The Boy That Nobody Wanted: Creative Experiences For A Boy With Severe Emotional Problems By Fran Herman 99
7. Creative Fantasy, Music And Lyric Improvisation With A Gifted Acting-Out Boy By Kenneth Aigen 109
8. Music Therapy In Working Through A Preschooler's Grief: Expressing Rage and Confusion By Kerry Burke 127
9. Improvisation And Play In The Therapeutic Engagement Of A Five-Year-Old Boy With Physical and Interpersonal Problems By Pamela Bartram 137
10. The Use Of Latin Music, Puppetry, And Visualization In Reducing The Physical And Emotional Pain Of A Child With Severe Burns By Rebecca Loveszy 153
11. Preverbal Communication Through Music To Overcome A Child's Language Disorder By Amelia Oldfield 163
12. Group Music Therapy With A Classroom Of 6-8 Year-Old Hyperactive-Learning Disabled Children By Julie Hibben 175
13. The Effect of Prorammed Pitch Practice and Private Instruction On The Vocal Reproduction Accuracy Of Hearing Impaired Children: Two Case Studies By Alice-Ann Darrow and Nicki Cohen 191
Unit Three: Case Studies With Adolescents  
14. Improvised Song Stories In The Treatment Of A 13-Year-Old Sexually Abused Girl From The Xhosa Tribe In South Africa By Helen Henderson 20
15. All Her Yesterdays: An Adolescent's Search For A Better Today Through Music By Claire Lefebvre 219
16. Creative Music Therapy In Bringing Order, Change And Communicativeness To The Life Of A Brain-Injured Adolescent By Clive Robbins and Carol Robbins 231
17. Individual Music Therapy For An Adolescent With Borderline Personality Disorder: An Object Relations Approach By Janice Dvorkin 251
Unit Four: Case Studies With Adults  
18. Mia's Fourteenth---The Symphony of Fate: Psychodynamic Improvisation Therapy With A Music Therapy Student In Training By Benedikte Barth Scheiby 271
19. The Musical Mirror: Music Therapy For The Narcissistically Injured By Diane Snow Austin 291
20. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM): Healing The Wounded Healer By Rhonda Lineburg Rinker 309
21. Emergence of The Adult Self In Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Therapy By Marilyn F. Clark 321
22. The Use of Musical Space With An Adult In Psychotherapy By Carolyn Kenny 333
23. Improvisation And Guided Imagery And Music (GIM) With A Physically Disabled Woman: A Gestalt Approach By Elizabeth Moffitt 347
Unit Five: Case Studies With Adults in Psychiatric Treatment  
24. Original Song Drawings In The Treatment Of A Developmentally Disabled, Autistic Adult By Rosemary Fischer 359
25. Music Therapy For A Nonverbal Autistic Adult By Ginger Clarkson 373
26. Musical Improvisation In The Treatment Of A man With Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder By Jose van den Hurk and Henk Smeijsters 387
27. Integrated Music Therapy With A Schizophrenic Woman By Gabriella Giordanella Perilli 403
28. Group Improvisation Therapy: The Experience Of One Man With Schizophrenia By Helen Odell Miller 417
29. Composition, Improvisation and Poetry In The Psychiatric Treatment Of A Forensic Patient By Phyllis Boone 433
30. Group Improvisation Therapy For A Resistant Woman With Bipolar Disorder---Manic By Paul Nolan 451
31. Group Music Therapy In Acute Psychiatric Care: The Treatment Of A Depressed Woman Following Neurological Trauma By Marcia Murphy 465
32. The Song-Writing Process: A Woman's Struggle Against Depression and Suicide By Georgia Hudson Smith 479
33. Guided Imagery And Music (GIM) With A Dually Diagnosed woman Having Multiple Addictions By Eugenia Pickett 497
34. Group Music Therapy For Women With Multiple Personalities By C. John Duey 513
Unit Six: Case Studies With adults In Medical Treatment  
35. Music Therapy At Childbirth By Dianne Allison 529
36. Reclaiming A Positive Identity: Music Therapy In The Aftermath Of A Stroke By Nancy McMaster 547
37. Rehabilitation of Piano Performance Skills Following A Left Cerebral Vascular Accident By Denise Erdonmez 561
38. Music Therapy For A Severly Regressed Person With A Probable Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's Disease By Alicia Clair 571
39. Embracing Life With AIDS: Psychotherapy Through Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) By Kenneth E. Bruscia 581
40. Songs In Palliative Care: A Spouse's Last Gift By Jane Whittall 603
41. Life Review With A Palliative Care Patient By Cheryl Beggs 611
42. Music Therapy At The End Of A Life By Jenny A. Martin 617
A. Clinical Conditions Addressed in Case Studies 635
B. Clinical Settings of Case Studies 636
C. Music Therapy Methods Used in Case Studies 637
D. Theoretical Orientations in Case Studies 638