Voices of the Dying and Bereaved: Music Therapy Narratives

  • Voices of the Dying and Bereaved: Music Therapy Narratives
  • Author: Clements-Cortes, Amy, & Klinck, Sara V.
  • ISBN: 9781937440923
  • E-ISBN: 9781937440930

This books presents valuable information on the role of music therapy with respect to a number of issues common to end-of-life care and bereavement with a focus on grief and loss. The purpose of the book is to provide information and examples of ways of working in music therapy with the dying and bereaved for students, professional music therapists, as well as those in related healthcare roles and companions on the journey of the dying. The co-authors practice in an eclectic model of music therapy that is humanistic and client –centered at its core. Part one provides a thematic review of literature describing the use of music in end-of-life care, as well as a summary of music therapy techniques commonly implemented in these environments. This is followed by the presentation of 3 case study chapters based on Clements-Cortes' work in palliative care. Each chapter is completed with a link back to the emerging themes in end-of-life care as outlined in chapter one. Part two presents a thematic review of literature describing the use of music in bereavement, and is followed by 3 case study chapters based on Klinck's work in bereavement care, illustrating the narrative experiences of her research study participants. Part two concludes with the presentation of an author developed Music Therapy Bereavement Group Model. Case studies are presented in narrative format, and in this way honor the voices of the dying and bereaved and fully illuminate the therapeutic process in work towards client identified goals.


Author Biographies

Foreword Prelude

Part One: Dying (Amy Clements-Cortés)

1. Music Therapy in End-of-life Care: A Review of the Literature

2. Implementing the Methods of Music Therapy with Palliative Care Clients

3. Improvisation and Songwriting at End-of-Life

4. Saying Good-bye with Song

5. Relationships and the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music

Part Two: Bereavement (Sara E. Klinck)

6. Music Therapy in Bereavement Care: A Review of the Literature

7. Personal Discovery Through Music Creation and Lyric Analysis in Bereavement

8. Revealing Honest Expressions of Grief in Clinical Improvisation

9. Honouring Departed Loved Ones and Maintaining Connection Through Meaningful Musical Memories and Song Lyrics

10. Music Therapy Bereavement Group Model Postlude References

Appendix A (Sheet Music for Chapter 3)

Appendix B (Improvisation Example for Chapter 4)

Appendix C (tapestry of our Song for Chapter 10)