Music Therapy in Neonatal Intensive Care: Influences of Culture

  • Music Therapy in Neonatal Intensive Care: Influences of Culture
  • Author: Shoemark, Helen; & Ettenberger, Mark
  • ISBN: 9781945411496
  • E-ISBN: 9781945411502

This book is about looking beyond what music therapists do in the NICU, to examine how they can think about the place of music for infants and families in the NICU. Shoemark and Ettenberger use ecological systems theory to examine the layers of culture, their interplay and the relative influences they exert on music therapy in the NICU. Authors from the cultures of South America, the USA, northern and southern Europe, and Australia provide pivotal insights about music in their society, the models of care in the NICU, the place of family, and within all of these, the models and implementation of music therapy in the NICU. Other issues of culture such as gender, type of NICU, and influences on emerging programs are considered.

This book will be informative to those establishing, expanding or learning about music therapy in the NICU. It is a book for those invested in music therapy, and for those curious about how it could be implemented in their workplace.

Helen Shoemark is a pioneer in music therapy in pediatric NICUs. Since 1996 she has implemented clinical and research programs to illuminate the place of family and voice in the well-being and development of infant in pediatric hospitals.  Mark Ettenberger has traversed many cultures to champion the place of parents and particularly fathers in nurturing their preterm infants. In this book they share their common mission to help practitioners and researchers to value the multi-dimensional experiences of music in the NICU. 



INTRODUCTION – Helen Shoemark and Mark Ettenberger


1. Empowering Cultural Identity Through  Music in German­Speaking Europe – Friederike Haslbeck and Stephanie Scileppi

2. Establishing a Place for Music in the Italian NICU – Barbara Sgobbi and Helen Shoemark

3. Nordic countries: Family­Centered Cultural Sensitivity— A Cornerstone in Neonatal Music Therapy Implementation – Alexandra Ullsten, Tora S. Gaden,  and Julie Mangersnes


4. Cultural and Contextual Influences of Australian  Music Therapy Practice in the NICU – Elizabeth McLean, Belinda Tucquet,  and Helen Shoemark


5. Cultural Exchange: NICU Music Therapy in the  Mid­Atlantic Region of the USA – Christine Vaskas Churba, Gregory Razzano, and Kathleen Summers

6. NICU Music Therapy in the United States Midwest – Deanna Hanson­Abromeit, Ann Hannan, and Kara Caine

7. The Culture of a Children’s Hospital–Based Medical/ Surgical NICU in the Southeastern United States – Kimberly A. Bell and Elizabeth H. Collier

8. NICU Music Therapy in the Southwestern United States:  Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico – Christine Neugebauer and Della Molloy­Daugherty


9. Music Therapy in the NICU in Colombia:  An Overview of Current Practice and Development – Yenny Marcela Beltrán Ardila, Luisa Fernanda Aristizábal Sánchez, and Mark Ettenberger

10. Music Therapy and Culture in Brazilian  Neonatal Units—Research and Clinical Practice – Martha Negreiros Vianna, Ambra Palazzi,  and Lia Rejane Mendes Barcellos


11. The Influence of Perinatal and Pediatric NICUs on  Music Therapy Practice and Research – Helen Shoemark

12. When Men Become Fathers of Premature Infants: Understanding Adaptation in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – John Mondanaro and Mark Ettenberger

13. Emerging Programs in the NICU—Insights from  Music Therapists in Argentina, Israel, Japan, Poland,  Spain, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom – Mark Ettenberger and Helen Shoemark


14. Music therapy in the NICU: Culture as a  robust framework – Helen Shoemark and Mark Ettenberger