Introduction to Music Therapy Research

  • Introduction to Music Therapy Research
  • Author: Wheeler, Barbara L. & Murphy, Kathleen M.
  • ISBN: 9781945411120
  • E-ISBN: 9781945411137

An introductory overview of how research has been conceived and implemented in music therapy over the last several decades. The book was designed for those who are beginning their studies in music therapy research, and it is especially well-suited for use as an accompaniment to classroom instruction. Seventeen of the chapters were excerpted from Music Therapy Research (3rd Edition), a much larger volume of 68 chapters that gives considerable detail on numerous topics and sub-topics. In addition, three chapters (15, 16, 17) were specially written to provide a birds-eye view of some of the chapters that were not included, and in particular, those chapters in the larger book that examined the numerous methodological designs and approaches used in objectivist, interpretivist and other types of music therapy research.

Table of Contents


Foreword—Donald A. Hodges
Preface—Kenneth E. Bruscia
1. Overview of Music Therapy Research—Barbara L. Wheeler, Kenneth E. Bruscia
2. Music Therapy Research: A Historical Portrait—Theresa R. Merrill
3. Developing a Topic—Alice-Ann Darrow
4. Reviewing the Literature—Elaine A. Abbott
5. Ethical Thinking in Music Therapy Research—Kathleen M. Murphy
6. Multicultural Considerations in Music Therapy Research—Seung-A Kim, Cochavit Elefant
7. Epistemological Foundations of Objectivist and Interpretivist Research—James Hiller
8. Principles of Objectivist Research—Nicki S. Cohen
9. Principles of Interpretivist Research—Barbara L. Wheeler
10. Overview of Measurement Issues in Objectivist Research—Eric G. Waldon
11. Potential Problems in Objectivist Research—Arthur P. Sullivan, John A. Sullivan
12. Introduction to Statistical Concepts—Anthony Meadows
13. Data Collection in Interpretivist Research—Douglas R. Keith
14. Types of Objectivist Research Designs—Kenneth E. Bruscia
15. Types of Interpretivist Designs—Kenneth E. Bruscia
16. Other Types of Research—Kenneth E. Bruscia
17. Evaluating Objectivist Research—Cathy H. McKinney
18. Evaluating Interpretivist Research—Brian Abrams
19. Reading, Writing, and Submitting Objectivist Research—Anthony Meadows
20. Reading, Writing, and Submitting Interpretivist Research—Susan C. Gardstrom
Subject Index