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Variations In Guided Imagery and Music: Taking a Closer Look

Author : Bryan Muller

Variations In Guided Imagery and Music: Taking a Closer Look
ISBN : 9781937440534
E-ISBN : 9781937440541

Originally conceived by Helen Bonny in the 1970’s, the practice of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) has reached an important juncture. Developments in the field have precipitated the need to clarify boundaries between the Bonny Method, modifications to it, and music and imagery practices that fall outside the realm of GIM. This book covers the creation of the method, the literature on boundaries and modifications, and squares these with data from a comprehensive survey of GIM practitioners. Implications raised by variations in GIM that are discussed include: survey data that validate practice boundaries articulated in the literature, the need for clear and consistent use of terms, levels of practice and training in GIM, and the vast range of options that exist within Bonny’s original design. Recommendations for future research, training, and practice are also included. Available in print, epub, and mobi. Print ISBN: 9781937440534 ($18): E-ISBN: 9781937440541 ($14).