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Qualitative Music Therapy Research: Beginning Dialogues

Author : Langenberg, M., Aigen, K., & Frommer, J.

Qualitative Music Therapy Research: Beginning Dialogues
ISBN : 9781962408045
E-ISBN : 9781937440039

Inspired by the first symposium on the topic in Dusseldorf Germany, this book brings together the ideas of scholars from around the world on the challenges of researching clinical work. First, the authors present monologues on their own theories and approaches, and then they react to one another in a lively and fascinating set of dialogues, which also includes reactions of other symposium participants. Together the monologues and the dialogues present a dazzling aray of creative ideas on music therapy research, while also creating a daring new form of scholarly interaction. (1996, 276 pages).


Prologue (Mechtild Langenberg)

Part One: Monologues

1) The role of values in qualitative music therapy research (Kenneth Aigen)

2) Qualitative single-case research in practice: A necessary, reliable, and valid alternative for music therapy research (Henk Smeijsters)

3) The story of the field of play (Carolyn Kenny)

4) Authenticity issues in qualitative research (Kenneth Bruscia)

5) Experiencing music therapy: Meaningful moments in the music therapy process (Dorit Amir)

6) Fusion and separation: Experiencing opposited in music, music therapy, and music therapy research (Mechtild Langeberg, Jorg Frommer, Michael Langebach)

Part Two: Dialogues

1) The researcher's cultural identity (Kenneth Aigen)

2) Qualitative research in music therapy: New contents, new concepts, or both? (Henk Smeijsters)

3) Remembering what's between the lines (Carolyn Kenny)

4) Lunch Talk: Inner emptiness, a German Problem (Gerd Rieger)

5) Daedalus and the labyrinth: A mythical research fantasy (Kenneth Bruscia)

6) Issues in qualitative research: A personal journey (Dorit Amir)

7) Interpretation and Epistemology in music therapy: Dealing with competing claims of knowledge (Even Ruud)

8) Translations (Jutta Baur-Morlok)

9) Qualitative methods in music therapy research: Epistemological considerations (Michael Langebach and Andreas Stratkotter)

10) A psychoanalytic view of music and music therapy research (Gerhard Reister)

Epilogue (Mechtild Langeberg, Jorg Frommer, Michael Langenbach, Kenneth Aigen)