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Music and Your Mind: Listening with a New Consciousness

Author : Bonny, H. & Savary, L.

Music and Your Mind: Listening with a New Consciousness
ISBN : 9781891278365
E-ISBN : 9781937440008

A ground-breaking book exploring music, imagery, and altered states of consciousness, leading to Bonny’s method, Guided Imagery and Music. 1973, 1990: 136 pages, Paperback, $26.



Table of Contents
Acknowledgments iv
Authors’ Note vii
Preface viii
Introduction xii
Chapter 1: How to Reach a New Consciousness 1
Chapter 2: The Individual Listener 19
Chapter 3: Exercises for the Individual 28
Chapter 4: Listening in a Group 37
Chapter 5: Exercises for a Group 56
Chapter 6: Music and Religious Experience 70
Chapter 7:  Exercises for Religious Experience 83
Chapter 8: Music Appreciation in the Classroom 90
Chapter 9: Exercises for the Classroom 95
Appendix A: Toward a Theory of Consciousness and Music 101
Appendix B: The Mood Wheel 107
Appendix C: Suggested Recordings for Altered States of Conscious Experience 113
Suggested Further Reading 120