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Cultural Intersections in Music Therapy: ​Music, Health, and the Person

Author : Annette Whitehead-Pleaux & Xueli Tan

Cultural Intersections in Music Therapy: ​Music, Health, and the Person
ISBN : 9781937440978
E-ISBN : 9781937440985

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This is the first comprehensive textbook on multicultural dimensions of music therapy. The editors pass the literary microphone to the authors—all music therapists who have found belonging and identity in diverse cultures. The authors examine how music therapy is relevant within an individual’s cultural context through personal and scholarly explorations. The chapters are separated into three sections:

  1. understanding oppression and bias;
  2. minority cultures within North America
  3. inclusive music therapy practice and education.

This focused examination prompts the reader to listen to myriad minority voices and engage in cultural dialogues. Both print and electronic versions available.



Unit I: Understanding Discrimination, Oppression, and Bias

  • Chapter 1: Discrimination and OppressionAnnette M. Whitehead-Pleaux
  • Chapter 2: I Don’t See You as Black/Gay/Disabled/Muslim/etc.: Microaggressions in Everyday EncountersSusan Hadley
  • Chapter 3: Reflecting on Personal BiasNicole D. Hahna

Unit II: Cultures of Heritage

  • Chapter 4: Music Therapy with Hispanic/Latino ClientsKaren Estrella
  • Chapter 5: East and Southeast Asian CultureXueli Tan and Feilin Hsiao
  • Chapter 6: Music Therapy in the South Asian-American DiasporaSangeeta Swamy
  • Chapter 7: Discovering Arab/Middle Eastern CultureAksana Kavaliova-Moussi
  • Chapter 8: African-American PerspectivesKaren Jean Reed and Darlene Brooks
  • Chapter 9: The Cultures of Native Americans/First Peoples: The Voices of Two Indigenous Woman ScholarsTherese M. West and Carolyn Kenny
  • Chapter 10: "32 Flavors" (and Then Some): Reflections on Identities That Fall Somewhere in BetweenRoia Rafieyan

Unit III: Cultures of Religion

  • Chapter 11: Muslim CulturesPaige A. Robbins Elwafi
  • Chapter 12: Two Jews, Three OpinionsRebecca J. Froman and Debra Jelinek Gombert

Unit IV: Cultures of Sexual Orientation and Gender

  • Chapter 13: The Cultures of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning CommunitiesSpencer Hardy and Annette Whitehead-Pleaux
  • Chapter 14: Intersections of Gender and CultureSandra L. Curtis

Unit V: Cultures of Disability and Survivorship

  • Chapter 15: Survivor CultureDawn McDougal Miller, Deforia Lane, and Annette Whitehead-Pleaux
  • Chapter 16: The Culture of DisabilityMarcia Humpal

Unit VI: Inclusive Music Therapy Education and Practice

  • Chapter 17: Minority EducatorsXueli Tan
  • Chapter 18: Allies for Social JusticeLeah Oswanski and Amy Donnenwerth
  • Chapter 19: Culturally Competent Music Therapy AssessmentsAnnette Whitehead-Pleaux, Stephanie L. Brink, and Xueli Tan
  • Chapter 20: Technology and Culturally Competent Music Therapy PracticeAnnette Whitehead-Pleaux