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Here we are in music: One Year with an Adolescent in Creative Music Therapy Group

Author : Kenneth Aigen

Here we are in music: One Year with an Adolescent in Creative Music Therapy Group
ISBN : 9781937440565
E-ISBN : 9781937440527

This study details how the improvisational essence of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy is applied by contemporary practitioners in a group setting, and demonstrates the value of interactional process-oriented therapy for developmentally delayed individuals. 1997, Paperback, 66 pages.



Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: Meeting the Group Members

Chapter III: The Role of Body Communication

    Body Communication I: Physical Statements
    Body Communication II: Physical Contact

Chapter IV: Group Process

    "But Why Can't I Have the Furry Drum!?" Challenging the Leaders
    ''I'm Very Mad At You for Throwing Sticks!" Making Room for Feelings

Chapter V: From The Therapists' Perspective

Chapter VI: The Aftermath of Conflict

    Physical Contact Revisited
    Interpersonal Awareness: Building Group Cohesion
    Cohesion in Interchangeable Roles

Chapter VII: "I Have to Say Goodbye to My Past"


Chapter VIII: The Role of Music

    Facilitating Transitions
    Meeting Individual and Group Needs
    Working with Physical Expressions
    Increasing Emotional Self-Awareness
    Enhancing Interpersonal Relating

Chapter IX: Closing

Reference List

Appendix A: Time Line of Critical Incidents