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Quaternos de Musicoterapia e Coda
Os quatro Cadernos de Musicoterapia, agora Quaternos de Musicoterapia e Coda, foram revisitados, rev..
Readings on Music Therapy Theory
This massive volume of over 1612 pages is a comprehensive, historic collection of the most signi..
Relational Music Therapy: An Intersubjective Perspective
An exploration of the myriad relational dimensions of music therapy. An intersubjective perspective ..
Resource-Oriented Music Therapy in Mental Health Care
Current trends in health care politics emphasize user involvement and positive aspects of health and..
Responsiveness in Music Therapy Improvisation: A Perspective Inspired by Mikhail Bakhtin
Through the adoption of Mikhail Bakhtin's terms, this book presents a new creative theory called Mus..
Self-Experiences in Music Therapy Education, Training, and Supervision
PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE: The audio and video files in an epub book are not playable on a PC or M..
Snow White: A Guide to Child-centered Musical Theatre
A beautiful book providing everything needed to teach and direct a children's production of Snow Whi..
Songs in Group Psychotherapy for Chemical Dependence
Developed in response to demands for short-term, goal-directed treatment approaches, this book pro..
Sounding the Self: Analogy in Improvisational Music Therapy
An exciting journey into the development of a general theory of music therapy. Based on Daniel Stern..
Symphonics R Us
Six original compositions of a classical nature for 10-30 classroom instruments with piano accompani..
The 1982 Symposium on "Music in the Life of Man" The Beginnings of Music Therapy Theory
A long-awaited historical retrospective on the influential 1982 New York University, Music in the Li..
The Architecture of Aesthetic Music Therapy
The use of music in therapy is still an enigma. Music has the capacity to affect physical, emotional..
The Dynamics of Music Psychotherapy
A long-overdue exploration of transference and countertransference in the field, this book presents ..
The Lives of Music Therapists: Profiles in Creativity - Volume 1
Thirty-five autobiographies of leading music therapists from around the world, including: 1) Clau..
The Lives of Music Therapists: Profiles in Creativity - Volume 2
Autobiographies of leading music therapists around the world TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Fore..