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Distant Bells: Twelve Melodies Arranged for Resonator Bells and Piano

Author : Levin, Herbert & Levin, Gail

Distant Bells: Twelve Melodies Arranged for Resonator Bells and Piano
ISBN : 9781891278235

Twelve folk songs from different countries, arranged for resonator bells with piano accompaniment, for elementary and/or special education children. Only one, twenty-bar set of resonator bells (an octave and a half) is necessary for their performance. The childrens parts are easy to learn and memorize because they are short, simple, and repetitive. Though the piano parts are also easy, they have been strategically written to provide rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic variety. For each selection, a list of resonator bells required for performance is provided. The players parts are symbolized in circled numbers, which are also indicated on the music manuscript. Aside from their musical interest, these pieces serve as a wonderful opportunity for children to think and talk about people from other countries and their customs. Most importantly, the children can enjoy the simple beauty of the music, and have fun with the instruments. (2004; ISBN 10891278-23-1; 36 pages; $15).