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Case Examples of the Use of Songs in Psychotherapy

Author : Kenneth E. Bruscia

Case Examples of the Use of Songs in Psychotherapy
E-ISBN : 9781937440367

A compilation of 16 case examples illustrating how leading music therapists have used song experiences as an integral part of the psychotherapy process. Included are examples of how song discussion, song parody, song-writing, and song improvisation have been used with different clientele. Available only as an e-book (E-ISBN: 9781937440367, 251 pages, $24).



Table of Contents



Kenneth E. Bruscia


Songs in Psychotherapy

Kenneth E. Bruscia


When The Psyche Sings: Transference And Countertransference In Improvised Singing With Individual Adults

Diane S. Austin


Composition, Improvisation and Poetry in the Psychiatric Treatment of a Forensic Patient

Phyllis Boone


Individual Music Therapy for an Adolescent with Borderline Personality Disorder: An Object Relations Approach

Janice M. Dvorkin


Original Song Drawings in the Treatment of a Developmentally Disabled, Autistic Young Man

 Rosemary G. Fischer


Improvised Songs Stories in the Treatment of a Thirteen-Year-Old Sexually Abused Girl from the Xhosa Tribe in South Africa

Helen Henderson


Songs of Faith in End of Life Care

Russell Hilliard

Jenna Justice


Singing in the Recovery Model with a Chronic Mentally Ill Offender

Vaughn Kaser


Our Path to Peace: Songwriting-Based Brief Music Therapy with Bereaved Adolescents

Robert E. Krout


Singing My Way through the Cancer, the Darkness, and the Fear

Maria Logis
Alan Turry


Do I Dare Imagine? A Microanalysis of Improvised Singing

Alan Turry


Music Therapy at the End of a Life

Jenny A. Martin


Just Don't Do It: A Group's Micro Journey into Music and Life

Mercedes Pavlicevic


The Healing Function of Improvised Songs in Music Therapy with a Child Survivor of Early Trauma and Sexual Abuse

Jacqueline Z. Robarts


The Song-Writing Process: A Woman's Struggle Against Depression and Suicide

Georgia Hudson Smith


 Four Voices

Sylka Uhlig


Songs In Palliative Care: A Spouse's Last Gift

Jane Whittall