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Acting Your Inner Music

Author : Joseph Moreno

Acting Your Inner Music
ISBN : 9781891278341
E-ISBN : 9781891278815

This innovative book explores new dimensions in the integration of music therapy and psychodrama. A wealth of dynamic and creative group therapy approaches are fully described and illustrated with vivid case examples. Realizing a holistic approach to music psychotherapy, this groundbreaking text brings together, music, imagery, projective music improvisation with psychodramatic devices including warm-up, role reversal, mirroring, and others. (1999, 99 pages).



Table of Contents
Preface   vi
Chapter 1    
Music Therapy and Psychodrama:    
Complementary Therapies   1
Chapter 2    
The History of Music in Psychodrama   5
Chapter 3    
Music in Psychodrama: Basic Processes   11
Chapter 4    
Music Improvisation Warm ups   17
Chapter 5    
Individual Music Improvisation   19
Chapter 6    
Group Music Improvisation   26
Chapter 7    
Music and Imagery in Psychodrama   32
Chapter 8    
Musical Psychodrama Techniques   46
Chapter 9    
Musical Psychodrama Case Examples   59
Chapter 10    
Musical Psychodrama Scenarios   70
Chapter 11    
Ancient Sources and Modem Applications:    
The Creative Arts in Psychodrama   79
Chapter 12    
A Look to the Future   89
Suggested Sources   92
References   94