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Women's Chants for Unity and Strength

Author : Susan Gardstrom

Women's Chants for Unity and Strength
ISBN : 9781937440879

Written for and about women, Women’s Chants for Unity and Strength is a collection of twenty songs designed to instill hope, courage, and pride. Relevant for any individual or group that has experienced the deleterious effects of abuse, marginalization, or disempowerment of any kind. The material can be used flexibly and in varied settings—wherever groups of women might sing together—such as in music therapy, choral ensembles, corporate and community drumming circles, support groups, religious retreats, and wellness initiatives. All chants may be sung a cappella; chords are provided for optional piano or guitar accompaniment. Four chants include full piano scores.




1.      Awesome Women

2.      Be Yourself

3.      Broken Wings

4.      Come As You Are

5.      Come To The Circle

6.      Everything I Need

7.      Here And Now

8.      Let It Go

9.      Many A Day

10.    Many Voices

11.    New Day

12.    Now A Woman

13.    One By One

14.    Story of Your Heart

15.    Stronger Than Ever Before

16.    Take A Look

17.    Take It Easy

18.    We Have The Power

19.    What A Beautiful Day

20.    Woman Of Wisdom