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The 1982 Symposium on "Music in the Life of Man" The Beginnings of Music Therapy Theory

Author : Forinash, Michele; Kenny, Carolyn

The 1982 Symposium on "Music in the Life of Man" The Beginnings of Music Therapy Theory
ISBN : 9781937440794
E-ISBN : 9781937440800

A long-awaited historical retrospective on the influential 1982 New York University, Music in the Life of Man.  This volume contains excerpts from the original unpublished papers, photographs of symposium participants, interviews with participants about their memories of the gathering, and analysis of the continuing significance of the symposium dialogues some 35 years after the event. A thorough description of the structure and processes of the symposium offer a model of how to organize a Music Therapy gathering with depth and relevance from the perspective of past present and future. Intensive collaboration is the theme. This book helps to identify the roots of Music Therapy dialogues Internationally.  The work is dedicated to those important Music Therapy pioneers who attended the symposium and have since passed away.





Chapter 1: The Significance of the Gathering

Chapter 2: The Participants and Their Papers

Chapter 3: Organization of the Symposium

Chapter 4: The Conversations

Chapter 5: Looking Back: Participants and Students Remember and Reflect

Chapter 6: Reflections on the Legacy of the Symposium

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