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Titles by Author

Ahonen-Eerikainen, Heidi
Aigen, Kenneth
Albornoz, Yadira
Allen, Joy
Amy Clements-Cortes & Sara V. Klinck
Annette Whitehead-Pleaux & Xueli Tan
Barbara L. Wheeler & Kathleen M. Murphy
Birkenshaw, Lois
Birnbaum, Jacqueline
Bonny, H. & Savary, L.
Bonny, Helen
Borczon, Ronald
Borczon, Ronald M.
Bradt, Joke
Bruscia, K. & Grocke, D.
Bruscia, Kenneth E.
Byers, Kerry L. Hryniw
Eyre, Lillian
Forinash, Michele
Forinash, Michele; Kenny, Carolyn
Gabriella Giordanella Perilli
Galerstein, N., Martin, K. & Powe, D.
Gardstrom, Susan
Garred, Rudy
Hadley, Susan
Hibben, Julie
Hintz, Michelle
Hintz, Michelle R.
Katsh, S. & Fishman, C.
Kenneth Bruscia
Kenny, Carolyn
Krout, Robert E.
Langenberg, M., Aigen, K., & Frommer, J.
Lee, Colin A.
Lee, Colin A. & Houde, Marc
Lee, Colin A., & Pun, Sara
Lee, Colin A., Berends, Aimee, & Pun, Sara
Levin, Herbert & Levin, Gail
Massicot, Josh
McGuire, Michael
Meadows, Anthony
Mendes Barcellos, Lia Rejane
Meyer, Peter; DeVillers, Jessica & Ebnet, Erin
Moreno, Joseph
Muller, Bryan
Nocker-Ribaupierre, Monika
Nordoff, P. & Robbins, C.
Oden, Jonathon
Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins
Pellitteri, John
Polen, D. W., Shultis, C. L., Wheeler, B. L.
Priestley, Mary
Reitman, Alan D.
Rickard-Lauri, P., Groeschel, H., Robbins, C., et al.
Rickson, Daphne & Skewes McFerran, Katrina
Rider, Mark
Robbins, Clive
Robbins, Clive & Robbins, Carol
Rolvsjord, Randi
Ruud, Even
Schwartz, Elizabeth
Sears, Margaret
Sekeles, Chava
Smeijsters, Henk
Stige, Brynjulf
Stuart Wood
Trondalen, Gro
Uhlig, Sylka
Unkefer, Robert & Thaut, Michael
Verney, R. & Ansdell, G.